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Spring & Fall Clean Up/Leaf Removal

Fall leaves with rake


There is much more to a fall yard cleanup than just raking the leaves. There are many things that can be done to prepare for the winter – & the following spring – to save you time & money.

Our fall yard cleanup service includes:

  • pruning any bushes that need pruning during the autumn season.
  • any last minute mowing, for easy spring clean up & fertilization.
  • remove all leaves, pine cones and other debris from the lawn and mulch beds.
  • take away all leaves and disposed of them, or add them to a compost pile on the property.
  • cover any bushes that need winter protection
  • cover any ponds that can be covered & prepare them properly for the winter.

A fall yard cleanup ensures your yard is free of debris and will be healthier when the snow melts in the spring. With our top-of-the-line equipment & trained professionals, we can get it done much quicker & you can enjoy the fall season.

To get your yard cleaned up for fall and ready for spring, Call us today and set up your appointment!