Property Maintenance​

Here at Crystal Clean Landscaping we aim to please. Let us maintain your property from A to Z. We offer the following service as well as any of our other services at the request of the customer be them Residential or Commercial.

Lawn Mowing

We offer weekly services only, unless weather comes into play (Droughts and Flooding). Commercial or Residential, we will arrive at your house and cut all lawned areas, weed whack and edge, and blow off all areas with grass clippings.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Crystal Clean Landscaping & Lawn Care will come to your home and clean sweep your property of all debris and put into the woods (if you have a wooded area). If not and we have to remove from site, we will calculate the additional costs based on volume disposal and dumping fees.

Fertilizer Applications

Please visit our Organic Applications page for more information about are Fertilizer Applications.

Seasonal Pruning

Pruning happens at certain times of the year, November till March. Once the plants go into the growth cycle from April until mid-July. After mid-July when the growing season is finished, you should not prune through those due to leafing and flowering. A light pruning can be done, then in the winter months a deep prune while the plants are dormant (sleeping).

Snow Removal

We do commercial plowing contracts only offering seasonal accounts per push and flat rate accounts.

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