Crystal Clean Landscaping & Lawncare

About Crystal Clean Landscaping & Lawncare

Family Owned & Operated

Crystal Clean Landscaping & Lawn Care is a stone, masonry, landscape, construction company that specializes in working with all facets of stone and landscape materials.

CCL will construct your next project with quality and craftsmanship that only the true professional specialist can. If you are thinking about landscaping your home, whether you are building or renovating, you’ve undoubtedly created a mental image of what it will look like.

At first glance, it may seem to be simply a matter of choosing the right plant material, designing a patio or picking the proper sidewalk configuration. But, realizing your dream may require taking a bigger view of the assignment. Is new construction positioned to take best advantage of the site? Does the plan work from the inside out, to expand your living space?

At Crystal Clean Landscaping & Lawn Care we take pride in providing the services you’ll need to make your landscape dream into a satisfying reality.

We will create a living space that, throughout a unique design style, exceeds your expectations and continues to unfold season after season. As a design/build company, we have the capabilities, from design master planning to installation to maintenance, to maximize the potential of your landscape ideas.

Our Approach

What’s your favorite color? Are you morning or night people? How do you entertain? What sports do your kids like? Are your pets oriented to the inside or outside of your home? Believe it or not, these topics are as important to the success of your landscape plan as our survey of your property or the choice of plant specimens.

Because our planning goal is to make your landscape fit your lifestyle (not the other way around); through our careful programming and a study of your family’s needs and preferences; we can develop the custom features that make a landscape a part of your life.

In the same way that we customize the design to match your lifestyle, we work our installation and maintenance operations around you. As part of our planning process, our project manager makes it his business to understand your needs (and limitations) for on-sight work scheduling. And, because of our design build orientation, we can act as your one stop manager for all phases of the installation process, overseeing all construction and specialty contractors to maximize efficiency and productivity.

William Renella, owner of Crystal Clean Landscaping & Lawncare

William G. Renella (Bill)

Owner and operator, has over 30 years of landscape experience and has evolved with the industry since the early 1980’s. To his credit, he has completed his certification at Rutgers University in Madison, NJ in hardscape, i.e. patios, retaining walls, walkways, pillars, etc. He is also certified in low-voltage landscape lighting.